Ten Steps to Burglary Protection

Prior to Departure:

1. Lock all doors and windows.

2. Connect lamps and radio/TV in various parts of your house to automatic timers to create a "lived in" appearance to the outside world.

3. Leave shades and blinds in normal positions.

4. Have your neighbors and friends pick up your mail or newspapers and to call 911 for unusual activity. If this is not feasible, stop delivery.

5. Arrange to have the lawn mowed or snow shoveled at normal times.

6. Store valuables in a safe deposit vault.

7. Close the garage door.

8. Arrange automatically timed outdoor lighting for burglary prevention.

9. Instruct your key holder how to reset the burglary alarm system.

10. Call the Police Department at 570-275-2101 to advise of your return home.