Vacation House Check Request


Vacation House Checks

Residents within the Daville Police Deparment jursidiction can request Department monitoring of their homes while they are away on vacation. 

Residents should complete the form found on our Forms page and return it to the Department office, or complete the on-line form below.

If using the form below, department staff will contact you to confirm your request.

By submitting your request, you are authorizing Danville Borough Police Department officers to enter your property and visually inspect the house exterior. Should an open entry be found, you are authorizing the police to enter your house for further inspection. The police will attempt to secure the house and contact the owner or person(s) caring for the house as indentified by you. 

Understand that this is a voluntary, free service and does not create a special duty upon the Borough, and will be provided depending upon weather and available time. No guarantee is made nor assurance given against loss, theft or damage to the premises.

Please complete the form as fully as possible, the more information you provide, the better service we can provide.

Please contact the Police Department at 570-275-2101, ext 227 when you return.

Complete the form below and click on [Continue].  Review your information, then click on [Submit]